Magic Crystal Wands

When you were a little girl or boy, you may have fancied yourself a wizard after reading the Harry potter collection. Well, you may be surprised to know that you can actually buy magic crystal wands that – while not having anything to do with supernatural magic – can none-the-less provide a most positive “magic-like” energy. This type of energy centers around the manifestation of positive thought, positive actions and gratitude which some say can be compounded by a wand’s energy crystal. If you believe, that is.
Magic Crystal Wands:

Magic Crystal Wands pictured: Top: Clear Quartz Red Oak Magic Wand by Merlin’s Realm / Middle: Peridot & Emerald Ironwood Magic Wand by Merlin’s Realm / Bottom: Prosperity of Confidence Amazonite Red Oak Magic Wand by Merlin’s Realm.