Swivel Piano Stool

Piano benches have their advantages – storage being one of them. But the great thing about a swivel piano stool is that is so quickly and easily adjustable. Just a flick of the wrist, and you change the height of the stool. This is especially practical when two or more piano players take turns using the stool. Another advantage is that they can also be used as bar stools, and they take up less room then a piano bench.
Swivel Piano Stool:

Swivel Piano Stool pictured: Adjustable Bar Stool Counter Stool Piano Stool (18″ to 24″) by eWayMarket.

Walnut Piano Bench

Some pianists prefer a stool, but benches tend to be more popular, whether it be a solid or padded one. When looking for a piano bench, comfort and height are the two main things to look for. If you like to play for long periods, then a padded bench is in order. Serious pianists use benches with adjustable height so as to be at exactly the right height in relation to the piano. Of course, beauty is also a factor, and the beauty of walnut is undeniable.
Walnut Piano Bench:

Walnut Piano Bench pictured: Starion SPB70 Piano Bench – Walnut Matte Finish

Walnut Piano Bench pictured: Walnut Wood Top Grand Piano Bench with Music Storage by CPS