Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves

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Sophisticated and classy are two words that are usually not used when describing a jumpsuit. However, there are dressy jumpsuits in the world of fashion that can be worn in both casual and formal settings. The difference all depends on what you wear with the jumpsuit. For more formal settings, an elegant necklace coupled with a designer belt and high heel shoes can really dress the jumpsuit up.
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves:
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves pictured:
1- Dear-Lover Women’s Embellished Cuffs Long Mesh Sleeves Jumpsuit, black-6424
2- KOH KOH Women’s Long Sleeve Metallic Belt Formal Chic Stylish Jumpsuit, brown/latte
3- Cfanny Women’s Bell Sleeves Tunic Wide Leg Jumpsuits, black
4- Great Deals 4 U Now Women’s Wrap V Neck Sexy Long Sleeve Guacho Leg Romper Jumpsuit, red

Split King bed sheet sets

If you have just set up a split king sized bed and are wondering if you should buy an all inclusive split king bed sheet set or go with individual purchases of pillow cases, shams and sheets, make sure you do some measuring first. You may find that a single fitted king size sheet may not fit the size requirements needed and you’d probably be better off buying two twin bed fitted sheets.
Split King bed sheet sets:
Split King bed sheet sets
Split King bed sheet sets pictured: 300 Thread Count Cotton Blend Deep Pocket Sheets – 5-Piece Bed Sheet Set – Bronze – Split King by MALOUF

Long sleeve one-piece bodysuit

A long sleeve bodysuit may be great for when you need to wear it as shape-wear or slim-wear, but keep in mind that some bodysuits have a sheer fabric and may need to be worn more as a bottom layer than as a primary garment. If you do end up wearing the bodysuit alone, or paired with slacks or a skirt, you may want to add a sports bra or tank top to the mix, leaving a little more to the imagination!
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit:
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit
Long sleeve one-piece bodysuits pictured:
Left: G2 Chic Women’s Open Back Solid Bodysuit with Long Sleeves, royal blue
Right: Franato Women’s Slimming Long Sleeve Open Crotch Body Shapers

4 oz Glass canning jars

When looking to preserve and store food, having the right tools makes things much easier. A 4 oz set of glass canning jars might work great for storing spices, but the size will be a deterrent to storing larger food items. You would also need to make sure that the seals on each jar shut tightly to keep your food from going bad. Check reviews online to get the best deal for your money.
4 oz Glass canning jars:
4 oz Glass canning jars
4 oz Glass canning jars ictured: Kilner Clip Top Storage Jar 4 Oz

Swim pants for women

Why wear swim pants rather than a bathing suit? Sometimes people wear them not so much for swimming, but for occasional dips at the beach, or for sports like kayaking or water aerobics. Some like to wear them because they provide sun protection, while for others it may be a way to avoid chafing, or it may simply be out of modesty. If they fit well and are comfortable they could also be used as yoga pants or for for any type of workout.
Swim pants for women:
Swim pants for women
Swim pants for women pictured:
1-Bohn Swimwear Ladies 3/4 Length Swim Leggings, black
2-Swim Pants – Swim Tights – Swimming Pants for Men and Women by Stingray Australia, navy blue
3-Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Capri Swim Tights – Sun Protective, Cobalt Heather Stripe
4-Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Swim Tights – Sun Protective, cobalt